Welcome to our Nursery School

Yom HaAtzmaut Nursery

Welcome to our school!  


We provide a happy, creative learning experience for young children.  It is our goal to enhance the individual growth of each child.  Learning in a pre-school environment takes place in an informal, but carefully planned atmosphere. Play is the work of young children. 

Our school places great emphasis on familiarizing your children with Jewish holidays, traditions, and the land of Israel. We introduce simple Hebrew vocabulary and observance of Jewish holidays and customs through dance, song, arts and crafts and games in a creative, positive manner. 

We are very proud of our open door policy in our school. Parents are invited to visit the school and observe their children as long as it does not interfere with the daily school activities.  It is important that parents and staff work together to create a safe and nurturing environment. 

We encourage family participation throughout the year, especially during Shabbat and holiday celebrations.  We provide strong Judaic as well as secular educational forums for the nursery school families.


OUR GOALS (which include, but are not limited to...)

Giving your child a positive impression of the school environment, encouraging a feeling of independence and self worth, providing a creative atmosphere where development in the areas of music, dance, dramatics and arts and crafts is possible, providing suitable academic experiences using modern technology to assist the teacher in obtaining a positive climate for learning, aiding in the development of small and large motor skills, developing the use of language in small and large groups through informal learning experiences, encouraging each child to reach his/her level of academic, social and kinesthetic achievement and assisting each child in developing his/her potential for future academic and social success.