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Midway's Tichon is a program of Jewish learning along with social time with your friends in 8th-12th grade.  We meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:15-8:15PM.  We balance fun and focus, through book learning and experiences.  Our variety of classes depends on the number of students who attend, so invite all of your Jewish friends to join you at Hebrew High, whether or not they are members of MJC.  
Tichon is a great way to take a break from your usual busy week.  You'll have the opportunity to eat, schmooze, and learn with your peers.  We explore a range of topics relevant to your experiences as a modern Jewish teenager:
     * defining personal values and ethical systems
     * making choices about life after high school
     * taking action on social justice issues
     * connecting to Israel and the Diaspora
     * and much, much more!
Many of our Tichon students also participate in our USY program, but there is no requirement to be members of both.  Tichon students are certainly encouraged to try our USY programming, to experience the fun of being part of a nationwide youth group.


Tichon is open to all 8th - 12th graders in the community, including Midway members and non-members.  Bring a friend!
Questions and Registration
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Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyyar 5784