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A serious Jew is a learning Jew, and it is never too late to allow the wisdom of our sages to inspire and energize us. The learning opportunities at Midway begin in our pre-school and go all the way through adulthood. Our Religious School employs experiential learning for our students and their families. Our Tikhon or High School keeps our young people connected through the 12th grade. Bar and Bat Mitzvah students receive six months of one-on-one tutoring and it is not uncommon for our B’nei Mitzvah students to read a full Haftarah, a portion of the Torah and lead substantial portions of the service. Our Sisterhood sponsors a monthly Rosh Hodesh study group for women and there is also the famous SSASS (Second Saturday After Shabbat Services) discussion group that delves into all sorts of contemporary issues as illuminated by the wisdom of the past. One group of enterprising adults meets weekly for an examination of a specific section of the Talmud.  There is a Hearing Men’s Voices group, an opportunity for men to explore the challenges of twenty-first century life. And there is the Righteous Mind group, based on the writings of Dr. Jonathan Haidt, which brings people of differing political backgrounds to reflect on issues respectfully, at a time when that sort of respectful exchange is as precious as it is rare.

In addition, Midway participates in the community-sponsored Institute for Adult Jewish Studies and thus exposes our membership to  many talented local rabbis whose Torah knowledge is invigorating and inspirational. And for those hoping to join the Jewish people, we sponsor converts who attend the Hillel Institute for six months before converting in accordance with the age-old standards of conversion

Wed, August 10 2022 13 Av 5782